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There's some really great fishing to be had in the Glenelg River and good surf fishing on the nearby Discovery Bay beach. Nelson Boat Hire's tackle shop caters for entry-level fishing and serious anglers with live and frozen bait available.

We specialise in lure and soft plastic fishing plus live baits including live mullet (for the elusive mulloway), live crabs (the best local bait for bream) plus fresh local cockles (pippies) and pod worms. Other baits available include prawns, glassies, frozen mullet, cockles, rabbit, hare, squid, pilchards, white bait, blue bait and sandworm.

We have an extensive range of soft plastic, vibration and hard body lures so you're bound to find just the right lure instore.

With entry-level package specials and everything you'll need including assorted hooks, lines and sinkers, we stock the right gear for a great fishing experience!

Don't forget, if you're fishing in Victorian waters you'll need a fishing licence. Fishing licences can be purchased directly from Nelson Boat Hire, and are available for 48 hour, 28 day, 1 year or 3 year terms.

So whether you're spending three days canoeing upriver or ducking down to a landing to throw a line in the water, come and see us first!

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