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Canoe Adventures (Multi-Day Trips)

Nelson Boat and Canoe Hire are the canoe adventure tour specialists!

Some of Australia's finest flat water canoeing can be experienced along this 75 km stretch of the Glenelg River - from upriver snags, through rolling bush land and ancient gorges to the sweeping estuary.

Ideal for families, groups and couples, canoeing along this river is the ultimate way to experience the Lower Glenelg National Park. Plus, your hosts can happily deliver and pick you up from any accessible location on the river.

With a new landscape around every bend in the river, canoeists are sure to be delighted by the amazing scenery. Nature lovers will be enthralled by the diversity of animal and bird life. This spectacular habitat, unique to the south west region of Victoria, has to be seen to be believed!

Choose to stay in any of the nine superbly maintained canoe camps, set aside for canoeists only. Each one equipped with a landing or jetty (you don't even have to get your feet wet!), fireplaces, toilets and fresh drinking water. Visit the Princess Margaret Rose Cave, go fishing, birdwatching, swimming or simply relax and while away the time in the privacy of your own campsite.

From overnight delights to extended adventures - choose to paddle for just a few hours, or for a few days. You can plan your own trip, or let us help you work out your canoeing vacation.

The ultimate way to wind down from the pressure's of every day life - book now to experience the adventure today!

Suggested Itineraries

All of our canoe adventure tours include open style Canadian canoes, life jackets, paddles, bailer and sponge, waterproof barrel, and delivery/pickup to starting/pickup points in the Lower Glenelg National Park!

Choose from our most popular half-day, day, two day or extended adventures or plan your own adventure using the map and table below (for a more detailed map of the river, download the Glenelg River Guide produced by Parks Victoria).

As an indication, the average person paddles around 4 kmh, iron men paddle around 6-8 kmh and leisure seekers often prefer an easier 2 kmh. Planning your adventure is as easy as working out how much paddling you'd like to do an any day, then select the campsites which fit your requirements!

Half-Day Trips

From To Distance (km)
Dry Creek Nelson 9.4
From only $70 for two people. Other half-day trip options available - please contact us for details.

Day Trips

From To Distance (km)
Sapling Creek Donovans 16.3
Sandy Waterhole Nelson 15.6
Moleside Landing Battersby's 17.7
*Princess Margaret Rose Cave tour available as an optional extra.
From only $105 for two people.

Two Day Trips

From To Distance (km)
Pines Landing Sapling Creek 30.2
Moleside Landing Sandy Waterhole 34.7
Battersby's Nelson * 32.6
Sapling Creek Nelson * 24.1
*Princess Margaret Rose Cave tour available as an optional extra.
Select your campsite from the options below.
From only $130 for two people. Parks Vic camping fees of $3.80 per person per night are additional.

Extended Adventures

From To Distance (km)
Dartmoor Nelson * 73 (5 days)
Moleside Landing Nelson * 50.3 (3-4 days) **
*Princess Margaret Rose Cave tour available as an optional extra.
Select your campsites from the options below.
From only $175 for two people. Parks Vic camping fees of $3.80 per person per night are additional.
**Moleside Landing to Nelson trip 3 days for adults, 4 days for families.


Lower Glenelg National Park map with canoe camps


Location Distance from Dartmoor (km) Distance from Glenelg River mouth (km)
*Indicates a designated canoe camp.
Dartmoor * 00 75.2
Park Boundary 13 62.2
Pines Landing * 18.7 56.5
Moleside Landing * 22.7 52.5
Wild Dog Bend 25.5 49.7
Saunders Landing 29.5 45.7
Pritchard's 32.7 42.5
Skipworth Springs * 36.4 38.8
Battersby's 40.4 34.8
George's Rest * 41.2 34
Popeye's 41.8 33.4
Red Gum Landing 42.2 33
Forest Camp North  43.8 31.4
Forest Camp South 43.9 31.3
Deutchers 48.3 26.9
Wilson Hall 48.5 26.7
Saplin Creek 48.9 26.3
Bowd's * 50.8 24.4
McLennan's Punt 52 23.2
Patterson Canoe Camp * 53.4 21.8
Hutchesson's 54.7 20.5
Sandy Waterhole 57.4 17.8
Laslett's * 58.4 16.8
Princess Margaret Rose Cave 60.6 14.6
Dry Creek (river crosses border) 63.6 11.6
Donovan's Landing 65.2 10
Chapman's (river crosses border) 66.8 8.4
Simson's Landing 71 4.2
Nelson Landing 73 2.2
River Mouth 75.2 0

Bookings and Enquiries

Contact Chris and Cheryl
on (08) 8738 4048 (within Australia), +61 8 8738 4048 (International)
Email canoes@nelsonboatandcanoehire.com.au 

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