Jarrod and the 8 pounder

Jarrod and the 8 pounder

Check out this beauty that Jarrod wound in all by himself.....plenty of mulloway get lost between the hook up and the net so I recon he's done a great job!!  Jarrod and his dad Russell have been going pretty well on the mulloway this season, most trips they have caught fish on live mullet that we supplied from the boat hire. Russell and crew have been catching some above average sized fish this season which goes to show if you put in the time ....you reap the rewards.

Nancan Night Herron

Mother in Law Bird

Ladies and gentlemen the "Nancan Night Herron" ........ otherwise known at the boat hire as the "mother in law bird....always looking over your shoulder.... 

Nev's Night

Nev's Night

Nev comes down regularly with the Glenelg river angling club and fishes the comps......he often swings by in the morning and gives us a bit of an idea how the night went...... he obviously had a good night on this occasion....

Wayne Millard's Bag

Wayne's Boys are goin alright 

The Millard boys had a good night....they got this nice bag of mulloway mostly on live mullet and a couple on squid... The boys slept in the boat overnight...... If you put the hours in, you get the rewards

Good fish

Good Mulloway

good fish........enough said

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