Vibing for Perch

Vibing for Perch

Trav and his dad found heaps of perch to 40cms on dark coloured strikepro vibes.... we keep a big range for when fish school up in the middle of the river..... the trick is to match the colour of the water at the time...... it makes for the most natural presentation

Trav's Bream

Trav's Bream

Trav and his dad landed this 38cm bream amongst plenty of perch down stream from Donavans.... in recent times Bream have been caught up to a wopping 52cms

Toby Mclure

Toby's 5 Mullys

Toby landed 5 fish up to 90cms using 3 inch gulp minnows on just 4lb braid...... He fished the Sandy waterholes area with lures.... his new boat looks alright too!!! 

Horsham Perch

Horsham Fishing Club

A pretty good perch from the Horsham boys on one of the new "austackle" lures we now have on the shelf... I'm glad someone gets the time to try them all out

Chris's Mulloway

Mulloway on Plastics

Chris, Wayne and Trev from Shep had a great trip to the Glenelg with this 76cm fish on flickbaits and 12 perch and 17 bream..... mulloway are often a welcome surprise amongst the bream and perch.... 

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